The best “Tri” ever

It’s  June 10th 2018, and the World Cup in Russia starts next Thursday!  As you can already imagine, I’m ecstatic, so ecstatic that I’m dedicating my first blog post about it.

It’s not all hype and rainbows though, as a Mexican that follows the World Cup almost religiously, I’m bound for disappointment. Ever since I saw my first World Cup, Mexico has never passed from the first finals game; losing against Bulgaria in USA 1994 in penalties, against Germany in France 1998 (which was surprisingly close), then against the USA with a haunting “dos a cero” in South Korea 2002, then against the Argentinians and their deadly magic tricks in Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010, and a tragic loss against Netherlands, with a penalty kick that will go out in shame for eternity (#NoEraPenal).

History is not on our side, but still, the dream of watching our beloved ‘Tri’ in a fifth game on a World Cup crawls in every four years, and clouds any type of sane judgement. However, this week I decided to take the entire thing with a grain of salt. Mexico is in Group F, playing against Germany, South Korea, and Sweden. Now, normally this wouldn’t deter me from jumping on the hype wagon and believing Mexico has a chance to pass the group stage, but an extremely disappointing last friendly game against Denmark Yesterday helped me put my feet back on the ground. This year’s team seems to not be entirely there, with a notable lack of trust among teammates, and half a team that can’t hardly wait to go out party, instead of playing decent fútbol.

In spite of my overwhelming negativism, I couldn’t help myself getting excited about the start of the World Cup, and thinking of all those players that left a mark in my memory forever. Going through them, and thinking about how amazing they were, led to the vision of a super ‘Tri’, a ‘Tri’ that I have no doubt would giveus all the joy and pleasure of watching a 5th game in any given World Cup. So without further ado, I present you my best ‘Tri’ ever:

  • Goalkeeper:
    • Jorge Campos – The best goalkeeper ever, not only underneath the goal, but scoring too. He used to switch his jersey in the middle of the game  and play as an attacker, and he was good at it too! Mexico has never seen a more charismatic and talented goalkeeper ever, especially with his 1994 outfit, which I think had a heavy influence on the Italians in that epic win.
  • Defenders:
    • Rafa Marquez – Arguably the best Mexican player ever. With a privileged left foot envied all around Barcelona.
    • Claudio Suarez – “El Emperador” was the first “crack” player I knew about. His strength and character was unparalleled. Oh, how we miss you Empreador.
    • Nacho Ambríz – The Captain, a stern but fair man, with a bazooka on his right foot.
    • Marcelino Bernal – The player with the biggest “cojones” ever. He scored  that amazing only goal against the Italians, leaving a mark in my heart forever.
  • Midfielders:
    • Andresito Guardado – Currently the best player on our team. He has the capacity of taking control of the ball and pass it around seamlessly, a beautiful thing to have on your team.
    • Benjamin Galindo – The best Mexican free throw kicker I’ve ever seen.
    • Héctor Herrera – A pitbull, praised by Rio Ferdinand as the best midfielder in the last World Cup.
    • Jesús “El Cabrito” Arellano – The closest thing we have to a Brazilian in Mexico. Fast as a gazelle.
  • Attackers:
    • Hugo Sánchez – Although I didn’t get to see him in his prime, his reputation is through the sky. The Real Madrid “Pentapichichi”.
    • Cuauhtémoc Blanco – A wild card, a mix of talent, rudeness, and cunning capable of breaking any type of defense.
  • Subs:
    • Luis “El Matador” Hernández – A natural born killer, with lovely hair.
    • Luis Alberto Alves “Zague” – An actual Brazilian.  Lanky and deadly, capable of scoring on Barcelona.
    • Ramoncito Morales – The smallest, fastest, and most enjoyable to watch player of them all.

So, I know this squad is tainted by memories, but feel free to let me know what you think.

Приходите в Мексику!!!